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Shoe Porn: PPQ at Office

Todays blog post isn’t the post I intended to write. Todays blog post just shows how bloody easily I am distracted by a email. (It also possibly shows how obsessed I am with shoes – both times I tried to write shows there, I wrote shoes first. Bloody hell.)

PPQ is a label that I always want most of the things in their collection, and through the collaboration they did with Oli a few years ago, I have one of their dresses (a beautiful red one that I bought for my best friends wedding. Really should wear that dress again. Someone have an event I can wear it to please.)

When a newsletter appeared from Office, my usual thought was just to archive it but then I saw the subject line of “PPQ at OFFICE now launched!” Damn it.

The Catwalk Wedge Black Suede* (£110) isn’t my usual style, but I love it. LOVE. Well, mostly love. Look at that peep toe. Why? WHY? Boots are always spoilt with a peep toe.

The Tiziri Stiletto Sandal Red Suede* (£85) is also available in black* and green* (ew). Its much more my usual sort of style, but again, peep toe! I’m seriously tempted by the black pair (look at the grip on the bottom of the shoes as well, no flying over on a slippy floor and showing your knickers to everyone) but I also like the red pair (not really sure what I could wear it with – red shoes and a red dress would be a bit much!)

Its not all love though. The Amina Platform Court Black/Multi Sat* (£85) (catchy name) looks like someone vomited a few different patterned fabrics on there. No, really – theres a harlequin on the toe, some sequins, something else at the heel. The term “hot mess” might be used by some people with regards to this shoe, but I can’t use it (not even with a straight face)

I’m sadly still on the shoe ban, but these shoes are (mostly) gorgeous enough to break the ban. The pricing is pretty similar to the normal sort of prices of Office (ouch – this is why I only ever go in when theres a sale on) which is always a good thing – designer collaborations shouldn’t mean that the price is inflated to match their ego!



(Why do the links to the shoes have stars next to them? Read this page – they’re affiliate links, but this doesn’t affect why I’m sharing these!)

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