“What do you think I have down there? A gnome?”

(Dress and leggings (didn’t realise that until now!): Florence and Fred (Tesco), Shoes: Mel)

A quieter week this week, but I still feel exhausted! I thought that after 4 weeks, I’d have found how to manage my sleep patterns, but no, I’m still going to bed till midnight and getting up at 6am. I’m still so behind reading blogs and commenting – seriously, how do you guys do this?

How has your week been?

“I Don’t Make The Rules, I Just Think Them Up And Write Them Down”

Jumper: Clothing at Tesco, Skirt: Oasis via eBay, Tights: Oasis, Boots: Debenhams

Another exhausting week! This one was a bit more self inflicted – we had someone to stay on Monday, hair on Tuesday and Kittencamp on Wednesday. I was glad to be going home on time on Thursday!
Still enjoying the job, I know that just sounds obvious, but it’s so nice to be doing something I like in a good environment. Yay!
Alex is off to Vegas again tomorrow (boo!) so I’m trying to fill up the next two weeks. If anyone is about in Bristol after work, let me know!

Links I loved this week:

  • Really interesting post from The Business of Fashion about whats wrong with iPad magazines. I have enjoyed using the (US) Wired app and the (UK) Times apps – but my biggest complaint (and yes, I’m being cheap) is that my boyfriend already is subscribed to them on his iPad. If he buys a print magazine, then its easy for me to pick up and read when he’s not reading it, but with the iPad ones, I can’t as its locked on his iPad. I’d like to see something similar to how Amazon Prime allows you to put people in the same household onto the same account without paying extra
  • I loved this post on The Bristol Beauty Blog about being an “older” blogger. At 27, I feel ancient when I read blogs by people still doing their GCSE’s, so its nice to see someone say why its better to be “older” (Older in quotes because it feels like I’m calling people ancient!)
  • Lego Wall. AWESOME.
  • Can a Jell-O Shot Be Classy?” Looks good – although I bet they didn’t have pages covered in equations about the optimum alcohol content.
  • Hannah’s Cath Kidston-eqsue nails are so cute!
  • 31 Post Ideas for Fashion Bloggers. So useful.
  • I really want to try and make macarons after seeing Milly’s post
  • Know Your Meme: Instagram Quote Rebuttals. Love it. “Sometimes its okay to fall apart. No its not okay, you are a fucking ferris wheel”
  • Wild Olive’s week of tea has been one of my favourite features on a blog ever. I’m predictable. I especially loved this tea finds page. I want EVERYTHING.
  • This interview between Lady Gaga and Stephen Fry is awesome. I’m not really a Stephen Fry fan, but this is just fascinating.

Finally, a video I loved from KittenCamp. Always knew cats were evil…

Normal Is The Watchword

Lets start this with some good news. I have a job! And this is what I wore to the interview. Yeah, I know. I had a call from an agency on Monday lunchtime and they wanted me to go up to visit the client that day. I explained I wasn’t exactly in interview mode, but they said they’d explain that to the client, so off I went. Somehow I got the job! YAY! I’m so excited, the job sounds quite interesting, but I’m not sure exactly what I can say about it, so best not to say anything :)

The dress is from (Clothing at) Tesco*, its actually the Kate dress I posted about ages ago then bought. Leggings … actually, those are from Tesco as well! Oh dear! Gold flat pumps from Helen, she was having a clear out of shoes she’d never even worn – so handy having a bff with the same sized feet! (Although not so much when you go shopping together and both want the only pair of shoes in your size)


Its going to be so weird getting up at half 6 tomorrow, after 5 months of lie ins! Boooo!

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