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Merry Christmas!

After last years craptacular non-Christmas, I was determined to have a good one this year. Alex and I drove up to Chester on Sunday morning, arriving about half 12, when the pub was quite busy. I helped myself to drinks and we tried to hide, but I still ended up working a little bit on the bar. So so so glad that is our final time working on Christmas Day! People are so rude – yes, I am working, but that doesn’t mean that you can be rude to me because its Christmas. Managed to resist snapping at one person that I hadn’t travelled 200 miles to serve them when they were whining that they were having to wait. Argh! Time was called earlier than usual, because of how rude people were and we managed to get everyone out of the pub at least an hour earlier than previous years.

It was just Alex and I, my Dad and Maria for actual dinner. My sister and her husband Craig came over after they had been to his family for dinner, and it was just a quiet relaxed evening with a lot of chocolate and cheese eaten, and a bit of gin drank. (It needs drinking, sad times. Since the pub is closing in less than a week, theres not much stock left, so instead of tonic, I had gin, lemonade and lime. It reminded me of the end of term parties we had at the Union where you’d end up with awful combinations like gin and coke. You will only ever make that mistake once)

We drove back to Bristol Monday afternoon, and I’ve been embracing the holiday – staying in my PJ’s, drinking tea all day, and munching leftovers! My company is shut down until next Tuesday, so hopefully I’ll get some productive things done while I’m out of the office, but I suspect I’ll just keep doing nothing. Its nice to do nothing when you’ve got a job to go back to – not like last year!

(photo above of me aged about 6/7, going to a disco, wearing Mum’s screw on earrings and having had my hair curled with her hot rollers. Always stylish. I actually managed not to take a single photo this holiday – not even a snap of my dinner on Instagram!)

A Looooooong Weekend

Hello hello! I’m back from my busy few days with lots to show you! Did you miss me? No? I don’t care, I’m STILL going to tell you about my weekend!

So on Thursday, I slept in (yum) and caught a train from Temple Meads to Newport, then one going all the way to Chester. A pretty uneventful journey, except for the old lady with the giant nail file (who looked like she’d used it as a weapon before), Cheal being on the same train (but not saying anything till just before his stop at Shrew) and seeing one of my cousins as I was getting off the train and she was getting on at Chester.

(Face of old lady pixelated to protect me, because LOOK AT HER she could have moidered me!)

The first thing I was greeted by when I left the station was this Elvis decorated rhino. A few cities around the country have had decorated animals in them and Chester for some reason had rhinos. Hmm.

So I caught the bus into town and went to my sisters current pub, then headed to Lloyds No 1 (which my sister LOVES because it’s on the site of a shit nightclub she used to steal my birth certificate as ID and sneak out of a window to go to!) where we met up with Helen and Gemma for curry. That’s Helen and me in the pic above. Please excuse the exhausted look on my face!

I then met up with Bryn for a few glasses of wine at Harkers before heading back to my old work for….er….more wine.

Next day, I headed back to the old work for tea and cake.

This cup pleased me.

Dad picked me up and we went over to my Nanas house where a few aunts and cousins descended as well. Back to Chester, where I escaped before the hell crowds of the races attacked.

Ugh, races.

Saturday morning, we had to get up early so we could head to Avonmouth to go go karting with Alexs colleagues. I’m sure go karting is awesome fun if you’re a boy who likes driving, but for a girl who can’t drive, it was bum. My hips wouldn’t even fit in some of the carts. (Couldn’t help thinking “man, I wish I were still in bed, writing about shoes”)

Thankfully, Avonmouth is also the home of Costco. Mmmm cheap things.

Sparkly glasses and giant cupcakes? Yes please.

I was far too excited to see Roberts bread down here in the scummy South. I may have hugged the bread. Also the name of this cookie dough did not make me laugh. I’m far too grown up for that.

Sunday was my actual birthday, and after a good breakfast at Rocotillos, we headed down to The Lanes which was amazing!

Here’s my amazing bowling action, ooh look at that. I also like it when you bowl from between your legs. It’s a good thing I don’t try to be glamourous.

Monday was my day off where I could do the laundry and read – bliss!

I shall post this now, because its half midnight and I’m up at half 6, but I wanted to get this posted!



I’m homesick. I know, its taken a while!

To be fair, I’ve been like this for quite some time. It was strange not going to Mums grave at Christmas/her anniversary (instead I was snowed in at Alexs. Poor boy. I am not the best person to be around on that day!)

When I went up for my sisters wedding, I had about an hour or two which was just enough time to go to Sainos (and be really freaked out because it had finally reached the 21st century with self checkouts), nip home to grab some stuff and go into town to meet Gemma and Rachael.

This was a nice enough dose of Chester at the time, but since I’ve got some time off work coming up (for various reasons that I wont go into here because it gets me quite angry!) I thought I’d head up.

Things will be a bit quiet for the next few days, because I’ll be in Chester from Thursday afternoon till Friday afternoon (and trying to book in time to see so many of my friends – I realise that sentence makes me sound a bit of a twat, but its true!) then this weekend is filling up fast with go karting on Saturday (I do not like this idea very much, its too close to driving for me!) then bowling, Tillos and other fat making stuff on Sunday, which fyi is mah birfdayz. (In case I hadn’t mentioned it enough. I think I have.)

I’m tired already just thinking about it :)

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