Race for Life 2013


I know, it’s come around quick, hasn’t it? Yep, it’s that time of year, when I tell you that I’m going to be doing Race for Life again (for the 6th year!) I don’t think I need to tell you why I’m doing this – you all know the story by now (or if you don’t, you can always go through the Race for Life category on this blog and find out more!)

This year, I have chosen to do the 10k – my second one ever. With the exercise I’ve been doing, I feel a little fitter for this one. I mean, I can run for the bus without wanting to die. That’s a definate improvement on my previous races.

It’s in July, so I have a few months to get fitter – I have no idea about times, but if I can do it in about an hour, I’ll be happy. (I did my previous one in about 90 minutes, so room to improve!)

If you’d like to sponsor me, my sponsor page can be found here. (and thank you!) If you’re going to be doing a Race as well, I’d love to hear about it – have you trained much? Have you done it before?

Race for Life – 2012

I have so many things to blog about and no motivation to do it while everything is so crazy. Isn’t that always the way though, the real world side of things gets busy so you have more to blog about, but then you don’t have the time to blog about it!

Last weekend, as well as finishing my contract (boo!) my three best friends from home, Helen, Gemma and Rachael made their way down to Bristol to do Race for Life with me. You may have heard me refer to them many times as Four Feet, and I’ve blogged about why we call ourselves that here.

On Saturday last week, I headed over to the hotel where the girls were staying with my own bag so I could sleep over with them. We got ready and headed to the Downs – unsurprisingly, we got more than a few odd looks on the bus since the girls had brown face paint and ears on, and I had a skirt so wide with the petticoats that it was difficult to sit down!

Thankfully, the weather managed to hold off raining for a few hours and I even ended up sunburnt! We were doing the 5k three-legged, which wasn’t the best idea (I still have a major bruise from it!) but got lots of attention – more than the actual costumes did!

We finished the race in 59 minutes – Helen is very insistant that you all know that it wasn’t an hour or more!

There is still lots of time left to sponsor us – we’re still a way off our target, and I’d really love to hit that target.

Thank you feet for coming to Bristol and doing the race with me – I couldn’t have asked for a better Race!

Paint for Life

If there are two versions of a product, one in its normal packaging, and one donating money to a cancer charity, chances are that I’ll go for the cancer charity supporting item, even if it costs more. I know, that sounds silly – but I figure if I can help a charity at the same time as doing my shopping, why not?

I like to paint my nails the brightest pink for Race for Life, and never need much of an excuse to buy new polishes.

So when Liloo (one of the kindest, sweetest, funniest bloggers you’ll ever have the pleasure to meet) emailed me to tell me about this collection by BeautyUK, I knew I’d be heading to Superdrug by the end of the week.

For £6 (with £1 going to Cancer Research), you’ll get 3 nail varnishes, in “Hope”, “Love” and “Strength”, three words that are very relevant to Race for Life.

Disclaimer: I am in no way a beauty blogger. If you want decent swatches of these nail varnishes, check out Liloo’s post

This is a great set for anyone taking part in Race for Life – the colours work well together, and I can think of some easy patterns (I can’t call it nail art) to do.

This set is available from the BeautyUK website, or from your nearest Superdrug.

Oh, and if you’d forgotten, my friends and I are running Race for Life next month (!) and we’d love your help getting us to our target of £1000 – check out our sponsorship page!

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