All That Glitters

I’m pretty useless at wearing jewellery, but for my birthday last year (which I got given a few weekends ago – this means I get an extra birthday day, right?), the Wife bought me this beautiful handmade glass bangle (cuff? bracelet?). Its from (which appears to be down at the moment, unfortunately!) but is a blue glass bracelet with a goldish pattern through it.

I can’t normally wear bracelets, because they bash against my desk, but this one is perfectly shaped so it doesn’t annoy me!

HtCC: Mano Bello

Etsy’s a pretty dangerous place. While there is a lot of…well, to put it politely, crap on there, there are so many gorgeous things. Everything in this post is from a little store called Mano Bello.

Beautiful soft leather – the only problem is I’d like everything! I think this bracelet has to be my favourite piece though:

HtCC: Maria Cristina Bellucci

Pencils as jewellery. Not something I would ever have thought of looking in my pencil case at school, but this is why I am not a jewellery designer.

More information is available at – doesn’t it make you think about how other simple objects can be put together to make something unusual?

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