Kate Spade – Occasions

A random browse on Amazon brought up this set of books by Kate Spade…I bought them on the basis of the cover alone, so I was very happy when I recieved them and they were just as, if not more so, beautiful on the inside. Here’s a few pages from the Occasions* book. This book is about being the perfect host for all types of parties – from formal dinner to casual brunch get togethers. While the parties listed are more for a socialite rather than someone like me, I do find the diagrams of things like the different types of forks quite interesting!

Review: Celia Birtwell

(Sorry, this post is quite picture heavy, but its such a beautiful book, I had to share!)

I have to be honest, before she collaborated with Topshop in 2006, I had never heard of Celia Birtwell. Even before receiving this book, I knew the name, and the general style, but not much more. This is the first time a book has been published about Celia, and its a fascinating story about how she has gotten to where she is now.

This is very much a coffee table kind of book – as you can see from my pictures, theres quite a lot of pictures and graphics in here, but how could you write this sort of book otherwise?!

I knew of the Topshop collections, but it was interesting to see that the patterns used in those collections were ones originally created in the 60’s.

I loved the interior design section of the book, explaining how she made the move over to home fabrics, and giving glimpses into her own home (above)

This book is available from Amazon* (of course)

Review: The Carrie Diaries

As many of you know, I am not a fan of Sex and the City. As a 26 year old from a small city in the North of England, I find it difficult to relate to a 40 something single woman, playing the field in New York. (In case you didn’t know, Chester isn’t very much like New York.)

So when I heard about “The Carrie Diaries“, it made me thing that maybe I’d be able to enjoy and possibly relate to Miss Bradshaw. OK, so its based in the 80’s, but I was a huge fan of the various “Sweet Valley” series back in the day and I quite enjoyed the flashback episode of Gossip Girlback to Serenas mums teenage years (although the amount of actors from Veronica Marsconfused me a little. Did Kristen Bell get them all minor roles? Whatev. I still love Dick, even more so when he is a Billy Idol wannabe). I wanted to like this book.

But, no. I just couldn’t get into it at all. This was my second time of reading it, and I find it just as hard relating to 17 year old Carrie in Connecticut, as I do to late 30’s Carrie in New York.

Perhaps you have to be a die hard SatC fan to enjoy this book. Personally, I think thats a real shame though. There was potential in the book to attract a new, younger audience into the franchise – and isn’t that every persons aim who is selling something? New customers?

It could have been so much more, it could even have become a series of books – why try and cram a whole year into one book? To copy Sweet Valley High would have been a bit much (how many times did the twins get in life threatening danger? Still love it though) but something more along the lines of the Georgia Nicholson series (if you’ve not read that series, do. Its so funny, even though it’s, again, a YA series)

The Carrie Diaries felt rushed through with cramming the year into one book, and certain parts of the book felt as if they had been added in at the last minute to sort of fore shadow the TV series.

If this book had been thought about a bit more, then it could have been brilliant. Sadly, this is a book that is going to stay on my bookshelf most of the time, not one to read and re-read

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