Keep Hitting Repeat-peat-peat-peat-peat

This week’s IFB Project is all about spreading the love. Cause, y’know, its Valentines or something. Not that I ever need an excuse to talk about how amazing some of the girls that I have met through blogging are. (The boys are pretty epic too!)

The person who keeps me entertained (some might say distracted but THAT IS A DAMN DIRTY LIE) at work via email is Sarah. I think people following both of us on Twitter are grateful that we email more now, because I think we just filled up timelines with little rambles Not only is Sarah hilarious, but also insanely talented – have you seen her drawings? Good, now go commission her to do something.

Through the wonders of Twitter, and the generosity of certain brands in paying for trains, I have been so lucky to have met people like AmyVanessaFiona, Charlotte, Laura, HarrietMaria, Ellie, Lil, Winnie, Christina, DanniJazmine, Reena, Laura and Jen. (I definitely feel like I’ve missed pretty much everyone off this, argh)

Closer to home, I love that I can meet up with people like LauraSJP, Selina, Niki and Dani easily and talk about blogs more than anyone else in my “real” life will let me. (Oh, and of course UK bloggers, I’m happy to hook you up with your neighbours!)

These blogs all ~*inspire*~ me – I feel very cheesy and douchy for saying that (hence what Sarah and I call the wanky lines) but its true. I can’t wait to see as many of these guys as possible next weekend.

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