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Puffin In Bloom

There are certain books that you can read over and over. Most of the ones that I can pick up and always enjoy, no matter how old I am, are classic children novels. What Katy Did was always one of my favourites, that I’ve read so many times in so many forms (battered paperback in primary, battered hardback that I read hidden on my knees in science class (Yeah, I got caught and told off. Yes, this is as bad ass as I ever was at school.), and more recently on my Kindle on the bus)


I also loved A Little Princess and Anne of Green Gables, so when I saw the new Puffin in Bloom series, I debated buying them for all of about 10 seconds. Designed by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co., the covers are beautiful and fit with each books theme.


A Little Princess*


Anne of Green Gables*




Little Women*

Rifle Paper Co. is a bit of a blogger favourite, so I’m hoping they’ll add more books to the series.


All images from the Rifle Paper Co. site

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