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I wrote some resolutions last year, but to be honest, I didn’t hold out much hope as I’ve never had much luck with them before. However I’m looking back at that post and realise I did do quite a bit of them!

  • Job – How descriptive. I found a great contract job in May, and am still there, so yay.
  • Let the little things go – This isn’t one you can say “Yes, I’ve done that now, I can just revert to normal”. But I think I’ve done OK so far. Cutting yourself off from people is never easy, but it is necessary in some cases.
  • Improve my commenting – I did really well for a few months, but then it slacked off a bit. (A lot.)
  • Take more photos – I know its a bit of a dividing app, but because of Instagram, I did take a lot more photos this year. I also got my little camera fixed (um, 10 months after I noticed the fault) and managed to replace the 50mm lens thanks to a lovely random person on Twitter selling me theirs. (Yay Twitter!)
  • Record more – I increased my blog posts to 4 a week (well…aimed…usually met that target), I took more photos, but I gave up recording how many books I read after the first few weeks.
  • Appreciate everything – Again, not a measurable thing really. I hope I’ve done this!

So, with (I think) a reasonably good success rate, I opened up my notebook and started scribbling down things I want to do and want to make happen in 2012.

Quite a lot of mine revolve around blogging and that sort of thing. The photo above explains quite well really. I want to go on to bigger and better things – a strange way to put it really, but I want to make this blog better.

  • I want to become more confident in my dealings and ~*relationship building*~ both professionally and personally. I’m so useless at this.
  • Develop the side projects – this is going to need the previous goal to work, because I will have to ask people for their professional help in this. Argh.
  • Get at least 1000 bloggers listed on the bloggers map – I love the map, I love that its getting people to meet up together! I always want more people to join – so please blog, tweet, Facebook  – just tell someone, ok?
  • Meet more bloggers and Twitter people. Always an ongoing goal, always a lot of fun.
  • I really like this resolution – enjoying the view without help from an iPhone – where the author intends to spend 30 minutes a day disconnected without electronics. This sounds like it would be easy – I spend about 2, 2 1/2 hours a day on a bus, but I am often idly looking at Twitter, or blogs, or whatever and not actually using the time productively.
  • Take at least 1 picture a day on Instagram. Its just easier to use that app, and to keep them all in a certain location.
  • Do Race for Life again. Like that wasn’t going to happen.
  • Go on holiday – a proper holiday!

Hmm, thats a bit of a list! What are your resolutions?

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