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I know, everyone’s coming out with these lists at the moment but I honestly had this on my to post list for months. (Let’s not get into the fact that I think I’ve posted more this month than I did all last year)

Jill wants to watch the Puppy Bowl again

As you might know, I don’t work, and spend most of my normal day at home alone. I have to have something on in the background, and I find music too distracting (I feel like I’m super picky about what to listen to, and finding the perfect thing to play can take up far too much time) and podcasts need concentration. I end up putting on the TV and just letting something play constantly for noise.

Currently Airing

These shows have new episodes each week (or so), but you can still catch up on what’s already aired!

Brooklyn Nine Nine – Honestly, the worst part about B99 airing here is that it doesn’t air in the UK for like 6 months. I love this show so much, and since moving to NBC, it’s managed to get even better

Bob’s Burgers – I just love them all, even the random side characters. Bob’s Burgers and The Simpsons are two shows that I can just put on whenever as background sound.

Big Mouth – It’s a bit gross so if that’s not your thing, avoid, but Big Mouth just makes me laugh so much (especially Nick Kroll’s collection of voices. I’m especially a big fan of Coach Steve)

Younger – I binged watched the first four seasons but then I haven’t been able to watch the latest two seasons because TV Land isn’t on YouTube TV, which is kinda annoying! The show is about a woman who’s divorced in her 40’s who manages to convince an employer she’s in her 20’s, hijinks ensue.

God Friended Me – This is a drama (which you may have noticed isn’t a big genre on this list so far – it’s not that I don’t like dramas, it’s just that I prefer comedy) which has an athiest guy being sent friend suggestions by a Facebook account under the name of God, and he and his friends go and find out how to help the friend suggestion. It’s a nice show, and the Facebook element is pretty well done.

Miracle Workers – This is currently in it’s second season, but it’s easier to think of the seasons as totally separate. The first season was about God (Steve Buscemi) deciding to blow up Earth and two angels have to create a miracle to persuade him not to do that. That season was awesome. The second season so far is about the Dark Ages, and I’m enjoying it, but I preferred the first season.

The Bold Type – I LOVE the Bold Type. It’s about three friends who work at a womens magazine in New York, and it’s going to sound super cliche, but if you loved The Devil Wears Prada, you’ll love this.

Superstore – Superstore was one of those shows that I put on because it was on in between other shows I liked on NBC and I was too lazy to turn over, but then I watched it from the start and it’s really funny! It’s set in a Walmart type superstore, and everyone is terrible at their job.

Archer – The last three seasons have been a bit meh, but in the latest season, Archer finally woke up from a coma so the new season which starts in May (I think) will be looking at how he copes with that. It sounds like things mostly go back to normal, so that will be fun!

The Last OG – Tracy Morgan (Jordan? I can honestly never remember) is an ex con trying to figure out life after jail. It has an excellent cast, and it even has it’s own cookbook.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist – This is probably the newest series on this list – I think there have been 7 episodes so far. Zoey is having an MRI and being made to listen to some music when there’s an earthquake, which gives her the power to hear peoples feelings through them performing a song. (If you’re an Apple Music user, I’ve been making playlists of every episode which you can find here)

DuckTales – YES OBVIOUSLY THIS IS ON THE LIST. The new DuckTales is just so good! Sometimes, your brain just can’t deal with anything super complicated, so putting a cartoon on is a good idea, and you totally just got Disney+.

Let’s Make A Deal – OK, this is probably a bit of a weird one – it’s a game show, which makes it super easy to dip in and out of without losing track of a plot. Wayne Brady and Jonathan Mangum are two improv people who often work together (including on the new Whose Line?) and it just makes the show funny and there’s a lot of cute things that happen (including two guys who got married by Wayne!)

Whose Line Is It Anyway – Me and my sister used to watch the original British version of this in the 90’s, so when I moved to the US, I was far too excited to find that the show still existed, with mostly the same cast.

Oldies but Goodies

These are ones that I can watch over and over, and they’re finished so all the episodes are available at once. None of this pesky waiting a week for a new episode.

Veronica Mars – You know I love this show so much. I remember finding it in 2006 when season 3 was still on the air – I binged two and a half seasons, and then impatiently waited to get it each week and then I was really sad because that was the end, right? But then the Kickstarter appeared! Of course I had to take part in that (and I still refer to the video they made to promote it whenever Enrico Colantoni is in something) AND THEN season 4 was announced and I tried to spread out the episodes when they appeared on Hulu, but I just had to watch them all and it was just SO GOOD. (The books are also pretty interesting as well as a stopgap between the movie and season 4, I just wish there were more!)

iZombie – Seattle in lockdown. Perhaps this isn’t the right show for me to rewatch right now but it’s truly a delight – the way that Liv changes so much in each episode depending on the brain she eats is always so good. I first watched this show way before moving to Seattle was even a thought because it’s another Rob Thomas show (and pretty much everyone from Veronica Mars shows up at some point) and rewatching it now I live here is even better because I actually understand the references (and totally get annoyed when they say that Lake Union is in the south)

The Good Place – I heard about this show and thought it sounded great but because it didn’t air in the UK, I forgot about it. When we flew over to Seattle to move here, I found that the video system on the plane had the whole of the first season (which btw flight people, please do this more, I don’t want to watch two random episodes of a show, I want to watch all of it) and I watched 12 of the 13 episodes in season 1. As soon as we got internet in the house (which was only a day or two after we moved in), I watched the final episode and then started telling EVERYONE I knew that they had to watch this show because it was so funny and clever. I managed to resist not spoiling it for anyone which I feel like I deserve some sort of award tbh. Anyway. You’ve probably already had me telling you to watch this, so go rewatch the whole thing.

Silicon Valley – I suspect this show is funnier to us because it’s very close to what we know, but it’s worth watching. The series finale was… well, it was fine, it was a nice close to everything but I was still a little disappointed. I did love seeing some of the main characters endings, and the reunion.

30 Rock – 30 Rock is one of those things that I can watch any random episode. The most recent one I had to watch was the Leap Year one on the 29th Feb (obviously. I was also wearing yellow and blue.)

Great News – This was created by an ex-30 Rock writer and had three executive producers from 30 Rock (including Tina Fey who also had a part in the show) so it got a lot of comparisons but it’s still easily watchable as it’s own thing. Who knew Nicole Ritchie was so funny though?

Parks and Recreation – I know. Too obvious to be on the list. I’m not even going to tell you why it’s here because you probably already know and love the show.

Gravity Falls – Another one for you to find on Disney+. A set of twins goes to their uncles property in Oregon and lots of supernatural things happen. It gets surprisingly dark in places, considering it’s a Disney show, but it’s an easy one to watch especially if you have older kids around.

Boy Meets World – What a classic. I remember watching this on Channel 4 before Hollyoaks so when I found that I could watch every episode, I was so happy!

Girl Meets World – A spin off which does use parts from Boy Meets World, but it’s a good show in it’s own right. (Honestly though, the reunion episodes are my favourite, especially when Feeney turns up)

Non Fiction Fun

McMillion$ – A six part documentary about a Maccy D’s competition which still goes on in the UK doesn’t sound like it should be good, but seriously, if you watch the first episode and don’t love the FBI agent (no, I know, it feels wrong) then there’s no hope. There’s also a podcast which goes along with the show, where there are more in detail interviews and deleted scenes (If you’re watching this, I would put the podcast episodes in between each episode for it to make more sense)

How It’s Made – My secret love. I’ve always been fascinated with how things are made, especially in a factory, and this show satisfies that itch. Annoyingly, the show is narrated by someone different in the US – in the UK it’s a bloke who used to be in Hollyoaks.

Queer Eye – Is there anyone out there who doesn’t know about the newer version of Queer Eye though? My favourites are Tan (I read his book last year and it was so good, and relatable as a Brit in the US, especially the part about American supermarkets!) and Bobby (I just love home improvement stuff, which you’ll see from the rest of this list!)

Unsellable Houses – This is a new series where twin sisters make over a house and sell it for a higher price than the property was originally listed for and not selling. It’s based in the north Seattle area so it’s interesting to see properties in the area and how much they sell for

Love It Or List It – I find this show fascinating. Every episode is kinda formulaic – two people who live together go on and discuss the problems of their home, one will want to stay and one will want to move. Then the presenters come in, and the bloke takes them to different houses and the woman will redo their house (there’s always an open concept thing going on). I find it fascinating because of how easily homes can be remodelled and it has given us a few ideas of what we would want if we were to build or buy a house!

Extreme Couponing – An oldie but a goodie. I’ve been rewatching full episodes on YouTube recently, and it’s fascinating how much people can save. I think since the show aired 8 years ago, things have changed a lot but I do enjoy popping my phone number in the machine at the supermarket to get all those savings tick off like in the show!

Making It – I’ve never been able to get into things like the Great British Bake Off, but I imagine this is the same sort of thing, a calm chilled show about crafting and it’s hosted by Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman. Let’s face it, that’s all you really need to know to watch it.

That should be enough to keep you going for a week or so. Recommendations always welcome though!


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