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Stitch Fix – Take Three

So, time for my third Stitch Fix box. I’ve been really enjoying these boxes, especially since I realised that I can send messages to the stylist to let them know what’s going on. I sent the stylist a message before my box was sent to let them know that I’m not wearing jeans or trousers at the moment  and received a lovely note in my box from my stylist Lindsey, who had obviously taken this into account and provided clothing that was soft, comfortable and casual. It’s been 5 weeks since my op, and I’m hoping to get the brace off soon but until then, I’m still wearing dresses and skirts.

So here’s what I got this time!

  • Green Hummingbird Liara Knot Front Knit Top ($32)
  • Grey Jolie Reid French Terry Knit Top ($36)
  • Red Gilli Morgana Maxi Skirt ($48)
  • Striped Papermoon Anica One Pocket Knit Top ($38)
  • White Mix by 41 Hawthorn Ashbury Essential Knit Top ($28)

In all of these photos, I’m wearing the red maxi skirt that was sent ($48). I haven’t worn a maxi skirt in a while because I always feel like they don’t really suit me well enough but I really liked this one. It was so long, I could easily have worn it pulled up to my boobs but the only reason I returned it was that the material was a little too clingy, and I felt like you could see every bump and lump which would make me paranoid, even though I doubt anyone else would even notice!

This top was the white essential knit top ($28) which was a really decent price, but I have two other white tops that are very similar so it was silly to keep this one as well.

I liked this green knot front top ($32) but all of my tops at the moment are being worn tucked into skirts, and I thought this would look much better with leggings and jeans which I doubt I’ll be wearing for a while, especially if we get a crazy summer like last year!

This grey knit top ($36) was probably the biggest fail in the box. I’m sure it’s super cute when you finally figure out how to wear it, but it was such a weird shape with tight arms and huge torso. I put the top on and pulled the sleeves up as far as I could on my arms but was left with this situation


The only thing I chose to keep from this box was this striped t-shirt ($38) – it’s so soft, and I like the buttons that go up the back (which unlike the top from a previous box, doesn’t gape!). But then, if you were going to choose one item from this box that I’d probably go for, it would be this one, because I have a problem with stripes (although have donated quite a few since this picture was taken!)

I may have a problem with stripy tops

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If you’re in the US, this link will give you your first Fix for free (and I’ll receive $25 towards future purchases). I really enjoy getting the Stitch Fix boxes, especially when they send things that I really would never have thought to look at – this skirt is definitely one – while I’ve sent this one back because of the material, I’m thinking about how else I could style a maxi skirt now! My only complaint would be that the things I quite like are usually things that I already own similar items, but you could also look at that as it being a pretty close match to my own style!

Superheros and Coffee

A week after my surgery, SJ came to Seattle for a few days! It was pretty strange having her here – the last time I saw her was just over a year ago when we went to Ceres and I interrogated her over US spouse visas.

We decided to spend Wednesday at Museum of Pop Culture, which is a beautiful Frank Gehry designed building (he has a very recognisable style!) just at the base of the Space Needle. I had been there briefly earlier in the year with Alex and a friend, but we had limited time so only visited a few exhibits (including the Jim Henson exhibit) so I was excited to get a chance to have a proper explore.

MoPOP is an awesome museum, with really interesting exhibits – I didn’t think I’d be that into the horror exhibit but it was so interesting to see so many things from movies that I have actually seen! The big exhibit on at the moment is the MARVEL: Universe of Super-Heroes one, which was a lot more interesting to me (as a casual fan) than I expected. Learning about the history of the company was fascinating, and seeing so many different costumes and props from the films we love was awesome. It opened up the weekend before we went, and it’s on until early January 2019, so you’ve got time to come and visit, British friends ;)

MoPOP were kind enough to lend me a wheelchair to go around and that was much appreciated, especially since I had hurt myself the day before trying to walk a few blocks with crutches! We did all of the exhibits (except for the Star Trek one which is about to leave – although I had already seen it previously, and the Holodome one which opens this week I think) in about 3 hours but it was lovely and quiet as we went on a schoolday. (There were classes going around but it was nowhere near as busy as when we went last time on a Saturday afternoon!)

We went outside and took a few outfit photos – I forgot how much easier outfit photos are when you have a person taking them and not just relying on the tripod!

(These links are affiliate links – if you’d like to know more about disclosing affiliate links, etc, check out this post over on Bonjour, Blogger!)
Top: Romwe via Amazon | Skirt: Amazon | Shoes: Target

Wearing a skirt with the knee brace is the easiest thing to do at the moment, but a lot of people keep saying I’m dressed up! I’m trying to find things that don’t irritate me with the crutches but they’re just an annoyance on their own.

For lunch, we headed to the recently opened SODO Reserve store at Starbucks HQ – although SJ doesn’t drink coffee, we were still excited to see what the place was like! They have their own bakery on site which made some yummy flatbreads, lasagnes, etc and they have a bar (which I totally need to come back and visit) I had a Nitro Cascara Cloud which is a cold brew coffee inflused with nitrogen and has vanilla bean syrup in, and comes with foam on top sweetened with cascara syrup which is made from coffee cherries, and a Rose Honey Latte which is described as a fragrant infusion of caramelized honey, rose water, and earthy cinnamon. The Nitro Cascara Cloud is my go to order when I can get it but the Rose Honey Latte was interesting in its own way – I’m not sure I’d order it again, but it was pretty yum! I say it a lot, but since I moved to this part of the world, I don’t think I’ve drunk so much coffee in my life!

If you’re in the area, the Reserve store is well worth a trip – the staff were all so polite and attentive, and we could have easily spent longer there! People kept coming round with samples of the bakery items and the standard Starbucks cakes, and kept refilling our water glasses as well. If you haven’t been to a Reserve store, make the effort, because they have some really interesting items on the menu!

Ski Sunday (and Saturday and how I ended up having surgery)

As you might know from Instagram or Twitter, I’ve had surgery recently because I tore my ACL. But before I could talk about after that, I thought I should post a few pictures and details about how it all happened.

Alex loves to ski, but living in the UK, and having him work away so much, he’s not had the opportunity to go very much in the last few years. We found that Snoqualmie is fairly close to our house (45 miles which amuses me that it’s the same distance between Bristol and Swindon.)
Alex bought a set of three lessons for me to learn the basics, and he went off skiing further up the mountain with some friends.

The thing that amazed me each time we went was that we’d be zooming along I-90 (the motorway that runs from Seattle over the lake and out to the east) and then all of a sudden, there were massive snow banks as we got to the junction)

The first day we went, it was super early and the skies looked like this, but then they would suddenly go bright blue!

My first lesson was a bit rubbish to be honest – the class had about 12 people in it, and I didn’t feel like we got much actual instruction. I called up the school in the week to check what time my next lesson was and ended up speaking to the head of the school who really reassured me and made me feel much more confident. My second lesson was much better – I was in a smaller group with 3 others, and we had 2 or 3 instructors with us. If all of the lessons had been like this, perhaps I would have enjoyed the first lesson!

My third lesson had different weather – the snow felt much harder underneath. The group we had for the lesson was larger (I think there were 6-8 people in the group?) and we walked up to the top of the hill next to the magic carpet. I was first to go down, and was trying to turn to slow down but it just wasn’t working! The instructor was shouting at me to slow down (which…not helpful.) and I fell at the bottom of the hill, right in front of a group of little kids! My knee was in a lot of pain, but I figured I just sprained or twisted it a bit, and eventually hobbled off back to the lodge (They asked if I wanted ski patrol but I turned it down because I thought that was just overkill!) I went back to the car and rested while everyone else was doing their thing.

Alex pestered me to go to a hospital about the knee but I did the most British thing and put it off for a few days until he pointed out that if something was wrong, it was better to deal with it now so I’d be better for next winter (which I’m still not sure about…) I went to someone his boss recommended, and they took x-rays and an MRI, and told me a few days later that I had torn my ACL and sprained both my LCL and MCL.

I had my operation a fortnight ago and everything has been fine so far! I had a patellar tendon graft reconstruction of the ACL which is where they take a bit of the muscle from below my kneecap and use that to replace the ACL. Don’t look up that surgery if you don’t like gross body images! (For some really odd reason, they provided photos of inside my knee from during the surgery and told Alex all about it as I was coming round. Lucky him.) I have a brace on my knee and have crutches and THEY ARE A TOTAL BALLACHE. I had a CPM (continuous passive motion) machine which bent my knee for me, and I’ve just started physio which has been great so far!

It’s been super frustrating so far, because I can’t do as much as I normally would but I’m thankful that we have good insurance and that I can start getting better now!

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