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Sushi. You either love it, or hate it. (Although most people who tell me they hate sushi have never actually had it, they just don’t like the idea of fish and seaweed.) When I have the time, I like to make my own sushi, and thought I’d share how I do that with you. I was shown how to make sushi by @guriben who you should all follow because he doesn’t like people to know he is nice really.

This isn’t a super authentic recipe – but it is pretty damn delicious and easy to do. The awesome (and probably quite obvious) thing about making your own sushi is that you can have anything you like in there. Alex doesn’t like wasabi, so I don’t put that on for his rolls. I prefer smoked salmon if I am having fishy rolls, so that’s what I use.

I’ve popped the rest of this under the jump, so if you’re reading the front page, you wont get weighed down with all these photos!

First, the rice. I used this sushi rice and put two cups of it into my rice cooker. (My rice cooker was about £15 on Amazon – nothing exciting about it, but it works perfectly fine.) Sushi rice takes ages to cook, so I had to put it on two “cycles” of my rice cooker before it was done. Because I was feeling lazy, I used this sushi rice seasoning which is so much easier than following any recipes. I let the rice cool, and prepared my veg (above – spring onions, peppers, carrot and cucumber)


I wrapped my sushi mat in clingfilm (so the rice doesn’t get stuck inbetween all the slats) and put a piece of seaweed on, shiny side down (I have no idea if this makes a difference or not!). I grabbed a handful of rice, and smoothed it out so it covered the seaweed in a thin layer.



Filling time! For this one, I chose peppers and spring onions. You pile them down the centre as shown (if you want to put wasabi on, you put this on now underneath the peppers). For the amount of rice here, I think I could have had more fillings really.



(oops, forgot to take a rolling photo!) You pick up the edge of the mat, and start to roll the rice up, squishing it slightly to press it together. Keep rolling, and it quickly turns into something looking like this. Chop up your roll, and eat it quickly before anyone tries to steal any from you.

I also made iso rolls! Iso rolls are the ones where the filling is inside, and the rice is on the outside. You do the same for the seaweed and the rice, but then you flip it over:





Spreading a little bit of wasabi with my finger down the middle, I then piled on some cucumber and carrots:sushi_07



Then put some salmon on top and started to roll!sushi_09


Hopefully this photo explains a little better what I meant about rolling the seaweed up and pressing on it to squish it together.

When Wai Yee Hong saw on Twitter that I was planning to make some sushi, it (because supermarkets can talk and tweet, remember) sent round some sesame seeds so I could put them on my iso rolls. (Supermarket also brought round some seaweed crack because I REALLY LOVE SEAWEED CRACK aka seaweed in tempura batter)



And now to eat! sushi_11


(yeaaaaaah look at that seaweed crack! I WANT THIS IN MY FACE NOW.)


Everything was yum, and didn’t take too long to make (once the prep had been done). I left a plate of sushi in the fridge so I could have some the next day for lunch but it disappeared before I had a chance!

(Disclaimer: everything purchased by me, except for the sesame seeds. I’ve provided links to Wai Yee Hong where I’ve spoken about specific things because that is where I bought the things from and it is basically the best craymart in the world. How many supermarkets tweet about doing DIY? Exactly.)


  1. Maria says

    Oh my goodness, this looks amazing! I LOVE sushi but have never made it as I thought it would be far too complicated but I may have to try this!

    Maria xxx

  2. Sarahmia says

    I love making sushi but I so rarely do it! Note to self: make more sushi. We’ve never tried the ISO rolls so might do that next time (yay for learning!). Good tip about the clingfilm too, we don’t do that normally! :)

  3. Sparklzandshine says

    This wasn’t up when I first looked yesterday, glad of a reminder to come back today. I love eating Sushi but never occurred to me to have a go at making it! Appreciate the demo. x


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