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Love It, Wear It, Share It!

One of the most frustrating things about living outside of London is that most brands, companies, PR’s and websites seem to forget there is more to the UK than that tiny space covered by Zones 1 and 2. (I can see you non-Londoners nodding in agreement at this!)

Thankfully then, MyStreetChic has recently launched to show of the street style in some of our countries most stylish cities, and where best to start than Bristol, possibly the most awesome city of them all. (I’m not biased or anything…)

MyStreetChic is about the latest fashion and beauty trends, and how “real” people like you and… well, not me interpret them. Each city has its own distinct style, and MyStreetChic will show that off. They also provide helpful tips, articles about the latest styles and a Q&A section so you can post your own questions to the expert panel and other community members. With the tag line of “love it, wear it, share it” (hence the title of the post, duh), the site allows you to upload your own street style photos to share with the community

Check out their website – – they’ve launched with Bristol as the pilot city, but I believe more cities are to be added soon!

Burn Out


Although I still love blogging and the associated awesome things it brings, since starting my new job, I’ve been struggling to post.

Whilst unemployed, I’d built up a small stash of posts to try and cover this gap, but here we are, writing this on my phone on the bus. Seriously, it’s like I’m back at high school, doing my art homework on the bus (confession to Mr Griffin: I used a HB pencil for those sketches that you complimented my light and dark shading. I’m sorry. But not that sorry.)

This weeks #bbloggers chat was about time management, and while it was interesting to see how other people fitted blogging into their lives, it didn’t really give many practical tips about how to not only keep on top of posting, but also keeping up to date with the blogs you subscribe to, and leaving comments where possible.

I try to do this on my delightful journey every day (35 mins from my house to the centre, 45 minutes from the centre to the office, not including waiting at bus stops and traffic!) but I get car sick (if anyone knows of a solution for that?)

Not only am I finding no time to post, but I don’t know what to post about. I have things I want to post but for some reason just can’t find the motivation.

So, how do you guys manage to post so often, and what tips can you give me?


I love Etsy. Sure, theres a lot of crap on there, but then, sometimes something lovely appears.

Francesca Pasini has created a map of New York City using Regina Spektors lyrics – I didn’t realise how many of Regina’s songs mention New York!

Unfortunatly it seems to be all sold out at the moment, but you can wait (impatiently!) for it to come back into stock on her website.

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