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Blogs You Should Read

Here’s a few of my favourite blogs, for no other reason that I think they’re ace and that you should go and read them, love them and perhaps stroke them a little bit. You don’t have to stroke them, thats just a suggestion.

First up is, written by Tim. You may have seen his guest post on this blog a few weeks ago, and his blog is reasonably similar to mine – random things that fill up our heads.

Next, laythetable. Bex’s blog is a droolworthy site, full of beautiful pictures of yummy looking food. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Kate’s new blog, noseinabook is only a few weeks old, but I’m enjoying her reviews of books, which is giving me suggestions of what to read next!

Whilst I’m not really a make up loving sort of girl (seriously, I feel over done just wearing mascara!), Charlottes blog, Lipglossiping, is a well written review site. One of the things that annoys me about most beauty blogs is that they can often sound like a PR spiel, especially when the products have been sent for review purposes. Lipglossiping is much more honest, and it gives you a better idea on whether the product is worth buying. (Also, in her survey blog entry, she says her three favourite drinks are tea, diet coke and gin&tonic. Good choices.)

One of my favourite reads is by The Girl, who has a blog called Living With A Boy. She writes in a similar style to myself (er, I think anyway. I hope thats not an insult!) and her entries always make me smile (even when she’s not writing about the happiest things..I’m not explaining myself very well.)

Finally, theres Michaelas Tumblr blog “Turquoise Fairy“. Michaela is an awesome writer, and makes even a trip to the cheese shop funny and interesting!

The Tea Quota

It’s often been mentioned in passing, both on the blog and on Twitter, but I realised that I’ve never really defined what the Tea Quota (hereafter referred to as TQ) is.
TQ is an amount of tea required to make me me. It is the amount of tea that is enough so I am cheerful and a little bit giddy, but not so much that I need to go to the loo 500 times.

When the Boy and I started dating, we used to go for tea at the lovely Banco Lounge near me, and I would end up drinking many many posts of tea, which was a little bit much if I am honest.

Lately, however, we tend to stay in or go to the cinema (and despite being pretty awesome, the staff at Cinema de Lux still look at you a bit funny if you ask for a brew while watching a film. Bad times.) which has significantly reduced the amount of tea consumed.

As you can see from my highly scientific graph, gin consumption has increased greatly in correlation with the drop in tea consumption. Something has to be done people. I can’t run on tea reserves forever!

Friday Pig

Its Friday afternoon, my brain is pretty dead.
So here are some pretty colourful piglets to go “aaaaah” over.

(ffound via ts)

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