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Dear Santa…

…I’ve been *really* good this year.
So if you could just have a peep at my Polyvore made shopping list, that would be ace. Ta. x

xmas list by ceriselle

Life in BIS

Today my boss and I cleared out our storage cupboard. We were quite ruthless, and now I have 27 laptops to throw away (including a pretty enormous one made of grey plastic and has a 1.4gb hard drive. Its about three times the size and weight of my 3 year old iBook)
This is what happens when I end up with a box of floppy discs, Zip disks (still shrink wrapped) and random CD-ROMs.

I was worryingly proud of the tower.

Whats In My Bag: November 08

I really like the “Whats In Your Bag” groups on Flickr. Maybe its because I’m nosy, but its pretty facinating to see what people consider to be essential enough to carry around with them.
Anyway, above is whats in my bag at the moment. You can see the tagged pictures (if you’re *that* nosy) on my Flickr, along with the others I’ve done previously.

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