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So That Was Festive

New Years. A time for getting together with some of your closest friends, and ending up in random places like a scout hut, hanging out of a window waving sparklers and Rowton. Except this year I’m all alone in Bristol, propped up on my bed and listening to Radio 1 as I drink raspberry Absolut and lemonade.

I’m in bed because for the past week or so, I have been in varying amounts of pain with my back. I say varying because somedays (like yesterday) it has twinged a few times at work, but I’m sat down most of the time so its not so bad. And then theres days like Christmas Day, where I had to go to bed at 9.15pm because even sitting down in a chair in the pub was causing pain after a few minutes.

I do realise I’ve been whining about my back to anyone that will listen (and a lot of people who didn’t want to) but IT REALLY HURTS.

So besides the back problems, my festive season hasn’t been so bad. I traveled up to Chester the Friday before Christmas to see my Feet, to go shopping with Bel, to eat lots of cakes with Bryn and Faye, to drink Stella at the Twirl till 1am and to visit my Mums grave. Its been 3 years, and its still weird. I doubt it will ever be a normal thing really.

Christmas Day was pretty odd, because it was our first Christmas in the pub. I ended up both working on the bar and helping to prepare dinner but I was wearing a spangletastic dress and beautiful shoes so it wasn’t all bad. I made everyone in the bar watch Wallace and Gromit with me and they all were laughing and cheering along with the show – perhaps its a local thing, but I just don’t expect men my Dads age to be loving W&G!

I’ve been in work the rest of the time, which means drinking lots of random German coffee, playing lots of games and watching things on iPlayer. Oh, and fixing the occasional computer.

I’ll be doing one of my usual yearly reviews soon, but in general, 2008 has been a surprising year where I’ve made some rash decisions that have turned out pretty damn well.
I hope that 2008 has been exactly what you wanted (and needed) and that 2009 is even better!

New Years Resolutions

Yes, its that time of year again, when we all promise to do something and then 10 days later we forget about it.
Last year, I don’t remember making many resolutions, but the main two I made (and did!) was “Move to Bristol” and “Quit My Job” (Really, I couldn’t have done the former without doing the latter. A daily Bristol to Chester commute would be an absolute arse! Unless I had a jetpack of course)
This year, I wrote them down in my Moleskine so I have a reminder wherever I am:


Since taking this picture though, I’ve added a few more things to it! I know the picture isn’t clear (ah, the joys of posting from the iPhone) so here they are:

  • To explore this amazing city fully
    I’ve lived here before, and although I feel like I know where most places are, I still have to think about it sometimes! I want to know this city as well as I know Clifton (as I spent a lot of time there when I lived here last)
  • To get out and meet lots of new people
    I realise that I don’t really know too many people in Bristol any more, and I want to meet new people, which is probably another reason why I wanted to move from Chester – it felt like everyone knew me or my family. Not much chance of that in this city!
  • To take at least 1 photo every day
    I know, its surprising I’ve not done this before.  Recently I seem to have become quite lax in taking photos (besides with my iPhone of course!
  • To become more financially stable
    This year has not been good financially for me with the move, and the lack of job for the summer, but next year I want to make sure that I keep to a budget. My contract with the Commission ends in May, and I need to start thinking about what I am going to do next! I’d love to stay of course, but since I am covering someones maternity leave, I can’t assume I will stay.
  • To keep in contact with my family more
    Thanks to Facebook, it has become much much easier to keep in contact with my dads side of the family, and I’d like to keep that up!
  • To use my craft supplies
    I moved all these things from Aber to Chester and then to Bristol and have barely touched them. As part of this resolution, I want to go to Stitch and Bitch more often as well – I went before Christmas and quite enjoyed it actually!
  • To drop a dress size and be more toned
    Ah, the standard resolution for most women. But instead of just saying “lose weight”, I’d like to go down to a 12 (at least!) instead of this 12-14/14 I seem to be at the moment.
  • To take part in the Race for Life (and raise more than last time)
    In 2007, I took part in the Race for Life in Chester (with Helen, Faye, Ali and Gemma) but because of my moving about this year, I couldn’t take part in either the Chester or the Bristol one. In 2009, I will definatly be doing it, and hope to raise more money than I did in 2007 (I raised about £150 I think!)

I’m sure I’ll be making comments throughout the year about how I do on these!
What are your resolutions this year?

What I Learned in Accounting Class

As someone who suffered through three years worth of Accounting classes (though thankfully not as many as my friends who took plain old A&F), this graph at GraphJam felt just a little too familiar

song chart memes

Pointless fact: once upon a time I wanted to be an accountant. Mainly because they’re so damn sexy. Yeah, you know it.

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