PR & Disclosure is a blog about everything. It seems to mention fashion quite a bit, and is about my life as well, so if you are really desperate to classify it, its a “fashion and lifestyle blog based in Bristol.”

Posts are (usually!) published Monday Wednesday and Friday.

The name ceriselle was a mash of French wordage – cerise is French for cherry (a slight obsession of mine, I admit) and I bodged elle on the end to make it a bit feminine.

When saying it out loud, I break it into those two parts – cerise elle. Not ceris ele, not carasel and not “that website thing you write stuff on”
I like to write it down in full and lowercase. I’m not sure why.

It was redesigned by the wonderful Laura Kalbag – you can see what she says about the design here. If you’re looking for a gorgeous designed site, I would recommend her every time.

Types of Posts

“HtCC” stands for “Hide the Credit Card”, posts in this category are things I would like to buy for myself – hence hiding the credit card!
“Shoe Porn” is where I write about shoes. Oh shoes. I might have a bit of a thing for you.

Affiliate Linking

If a link has an * next to it, that means its an affiliate link. You wouldn’t notice this normally, but I still feel like I should inform people! If you don’t know, an affiliate link means when you buy a product from a link I provide, I get a little bit of money.

Sponsored Posts

I’m not really into advertising lurking around the site, and while I have done sponsored posts previously, they didn’t seem quite right to me. If I do post another sponsored post, I will state this at the beginning of the post so you can choose whether to skip past it or not.
As per this post, I no longer publish blog posts with paid for links that are not marked as no-follow.

Guest Posts

I am able to babble more than enough for my own site – and others too! Guest posts where the entry has already been written don’t really interest me very much. Please do not get in contact if you are offering guest posts.

Everything Else

I am happy to consider PR enquiries – you can contact me here – but (of course) I’d prefer things that are relevant and interesting. I think I’m quite well known for being quite honest – if something is a bit pants, I’ll say whats not right! If you would like to know information on statistics, please let me know as they are always changing (of course!)

I accept products for review on the understanding that not everything will be featured on the blog. (Although I’m unlikely accept anything that does not fit my audience)
I reserve the right not to publish a review, and aim to get a post up within 3 weeks of receiveing the product. If there is any reason for a delay, I will inform you at the time. Items sent for review can not be returned, and will be fully disclosed.

All sponsored content will be clearly marked as such for our readers benefit and all paid for (monetarily or in product) links will be marked as no follow, to comply with Google’s guidelines to paid for links. This is non negotiable.

I can be charmed with a nice dress or a gin and tonic.