Organising Christmas

I love a good list. Who doesn’t? At this time of year, it feels like you need a list for everything. A list of cards to send, one of presents to buy, one for all the yummy food to cook, and of course, one to Santa because I have been a good girl this year, honest!

I’ve blogged previously about how my iPad has been super useful in terms of blogging, but if you’re like me, and spend a lot of time out of the house, the iPad is brilliant for trying to get everything done without anyone at home being able to see what you’ve been buying. Sneaky, yes, but when you want to keep something a surprise, the iPad is perfect for that.

I have the normal sized iPad, but after Alex came home with one earlier in the week, I can’t help but eye up the iPad mini at Carphone Warehouse – it’s a perfect size for slipping into your handbag (which I have tested by trying to sneak off with the new addition to the house, of course!)

My favourite apps for list making would be ones I have talked about before – either the built in Reminders app (which can sync from your iPhone to your iPad, meaning your to do/to buy/to eat list is always up to date) or Office HD (which is great for working on things saved in Google Drive), but the best part about the iPad would be the apps that are available to shop at various sites – and even if the site you want to use doesn’t have an iPad app, at least you can shop as normal on their site.

Now I know how to organise myself about Christmas, perhaps I actually should start thinking about it!

Written in collaboration, but that doesn’t stop me writing more lists of things that need doing

Review: Snap Fashion

Technology in fashion is an area that really fascinates me, bringing together two of my favourite things and smushing them together to create something that you didn’t know you needed. Bringing together two areas that are seen as very gender divided is quite a hot topic at the moment as well, with this article on BBC News highlighting a campaign I was previously unaware of called Lady Geek. (I read the BBC article on Friday, ordered the “Little Miss Geek“* book off Amazon straight away and it arrived on Saturday directly from Lady Geek with a handwritten note thanking me for my purchase. ) It was also Ada Lovelace Day yesterday, which I always seem to miss to post about women in technology.

All this in a roundabout way brings me to Snap Fashion. Snap Fashion was created by Jenny Griffiths, who studied computer science at the University of Bristol. She created the site (and the app) when struggling to find high street versions of higher end looks on a student budget – something we’ve all done (and still do…).

It’s kind of brilliant. You just take an image on your computer and upload to the website, or take a photo of the item with the app, tell it what you’re looking at (a dress, a mini skirt, some trainers) and Snap Fashion then searches through hundreds of retailers to find the closest match. The app allows you to save your searches for later, and can direct you to the website to buy the item.

The problem with most sites and apps that find items based on a description is that they are usually US based – it’s always so annoying to fall in love with a dress and find the retailer doesn’t ship to the UK! – but Snap Fashion has a huge list of UK based retailers. The site and the app aren’t just useful though, they’re well designed – the look is so clean but colourful, it’s pretty obvious what to do!

You can find the Snap Fashion* app here (iPhone only) or use the website,

HtCC: iPhone 5 Cases

My old iPhone 4 was looking a little battered after 2 years, and it was time to upgrade. Alex bought me an iPhone 5 on Monday for my birthday present, and I love it. I hadn’t thought the previous models as heavy and bulky, but next to the new phone, they feel like bricks.

My problem at the moment is that I don’t have a case and there aren’t any cute cases in stores yet. Truly a first world problem, I know.

If I have any patience to wait for delivery though, I’m tempted by one of these…

iphone 5 cases

The stripy Kate Spade case* is my favourite (although the polka dots* is a close second – I have the black with white dots on my iPhone 4), along with the monogrammed one* (or even the gingham one*, which is a lot more stylish than any of my primary school dresses) but these aren’t available until December and Nordstrom are charging about the same amount as the case for shipping and duty. has a huge range of cases (like the clover case at the top or the chevron case underneath) – it seems that you choose the art work and then what format you want it to come in, which also means you can coordinate all your tech equipment to a painting in your office. Perhaps a bit too far?

Let me know if you’ve seen any cute cases in the UK – I can’t keep holding the phone in a death grip!