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Organising Christmas

I love a good list. Who doesn’t? At this time of year, it feels like you need a list for everything. A list of cards to send, one of presents to buy, one for all the yummy food to cook, and of course, one to Santa because I have been a good girl this year, […]

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Review: Snap Fashion

Technology in fashion is an area that really fascinates me, bringing together two of my favourite things and smushing them together to create something that you didn’t know you needed. Bringing together two areas that are seen as very gender divided is quite a hot topic at the moment as well, with this article on […]

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HtCC: iPhone 5 Cases

My old iPhone 4 was looking a little battered after 2 years, and it was time to upgrade. Alex bought me an iPhone 5 on Monday for my birthday present, and I love it. I hadn’t thought the previous models as heavy and bulky, but next to the new phone, they feel like bricks. My […]

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