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Organising Christmas

I love a good list. Who doesn’t? At this time of year, it feels like you need a list for everything. A list of cards to send, one of presents to buy, one for all the yummy food to cook, and of course, one to Santa because I have been a good girl this year, […]

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Whats In My Bag: March 11

I don’t know about you, but I’m nosy. I love the “whats in my make up bag” posts that have been going around, but I’m not really a make up bag sort of girl. (I do have a giant make up box that cost a painful £45 from Sallys a few years ago (but it […]

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Thoughts on eBooks

I’ve always been known for being a massive reader – my mum used to say that I’d look at the paper when I was 1 as if I was reading it, and taught myself to read when I was 3. I currently have two large bookshelves groaning under the weight of my book collection. In […]

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