Pinkification, part eleven billion

It’s been a while since I had a grump about things being pink for no reason but it still annoys me a lot. The latest version of this came about this week from when I went to buy a new pair of trainers. I’ve been wearing these ones that I was sent in 2013 so it was about time that I went to buy a new pair. I headed to DW Sports after work and had someone begrudgingly help me (sorry to get you to do your job, mate) find a pair of trainers that were suitable for what I do at the gym. The shoe section was bad enough for neon colours but I found a pair that were fairly dark and plain.

So then I headed over to the bag section to find a new gym bag…


Seriously. What’s with the colours? All I’m looking for is a plain bag, with a shoe section if possible, that’s not completely ugly. I’m using a Quiksilver duffle bag that I bought at uni on a whim in 2003 (and have never really used since then) but it’s starting to get battered and the lining is peeling after a years daily use.

If you’ve seen a nice bag, please tell me. I can’t carry a bag that is brighter than the sun.

Five Favourite Straps

When I got my Apple Watch last year, I went for the middle of the range option that came with a black leather strap. That was fine, but I wanted more interesting options. It seems odd, but despite coming out over a year ago, there still aren’t that many pretty straps out there, so I thought I’d share which ones I have!

First, the black leather strap it came with. It’s fine, it’s a basic look. £129 for it though seems a little crazy.

I picked up a red leather strap that is similar from eBay, but it’s not one I use much since the connectors that attach the strap to the watch feel a little loose. At the same time, I bought this metal link strap* which also isn’t perfect but cost significantly less than the metal link strap direct from Apple!

After joining the gym and going on a regular basis, I bought a turquoise sport strap from Apple for a little less than the £39 on the store thanks to a discount I get through work. I really want the yellow strap, but it’s always out of stock in the UK.

Finally, the two prettiest straps I have are from a company called Case-Mate – I bought the pink plasticy chain link effect one* and the “Brilliance” strap* from Amazon. The pink one looks pretty cool, although is difficult to get on since it’s one piece, but the brilliance one is probably my favourite as it’s silvery, and a little sparkly.

Since I don’t really wear jewerllery much, this is the only thing I change up to match outfits, so why can’t I buy more pretty straps? Such a non problem!

Purple Is The Colour

When Rainbow Club emailed to offer me a pair of custom coloured shoes, I didn’t even need to think twice about what colour I would choose. You probably guessed from my overuse of purple over on Bonjour, Blogger! that it’s my favourite colour which has been the case for as long as I can remember. It took longer to choose which shoes I was going to wear, but I went for the Stevie satin pumps because I don’t wear heels very much outside of work.

I intended to wear these for a friends wedding recently and take lots of photos in the beautiful countryside but when I was about a mile away from the hotel, I realised I had left them behind in Bristol! Super annoying. Still, a week later, I had a chance to really test the shoes out when I wore them to take part in the Bath in Fashion bloggers preview day. I knew there would be lots of walking so this would be a good chance to see how the shoes would hold up all day.


These photos were taken at the end of the day, and the shoes were still perfectly comfortable, despite the amount of walking we had done! The shoes are slightly padded on the inside (although this didn’t affect the actual sizing of the shoe – no need to size up or down on this) which meant they were still super comfy after 8 hours of wear. I even had a few people complimenting my shoes when we were in a shop – very unexpected!



Rainbow Club were also very kind enough to send over a pair of shoe clips which can help you change up the look of the shoes. I chose the Selena shoe clips because, well, go big and sparkly, or go home. The shoe clips are literally just that – like a little hair clip on the back of the sparkles that allow you to pop the shoe clip anywhere on the shoe that suits you – I like them on the back of the shoe!


One of the things I noticed while browsing on the site to get the links for this post was that after the wedding, you can send the shoes back to Rainbow Club and have them dyed into a more everyday sort of colour – like getting two pairs of shoes for the price of one!

I’d totally recommend these shoes if you’re looking for a specific colour shoe for an outfit – not just for weddings!