A Rare Sighting

I know! An outfit post! But one with a difference – the photos were taken and edited on a phone, and I’m writing the post on the phone as well.

I’ve been sent the Samsung Galaxy S6 by Three to test out as a long term Apple girl and without spoiling the posts I have planned about it (I’m going to post here and on Bonjour, Blogger! about the phone, because I have a lot to say!) I’m surprised to find that I’m really enjoying using the phone. (It doesn’t hurt that Three is SO much better than Vodafone (my current supplier) in BS1, so I can use my phone at lunch!)

Last Sunday, I headed over to At Bristol with some of my favourite bloggers for some crafting fun with Laura Ashley (which I also want to post about – you wait forever for a post to appear and then you’ve got two more promised for the next week or so!) and thought that I should wear a pretty outfit instead of my current love of jeggings and t-shirts. (mmmm, lazy)


Blouse: ASOS* | Skirt: Boden* | Shoes: Primark (because no matter how much I spend on shoes, they always fall apart, sigh)

Now it’s time for work, where I’ll be impatiently waiting for my Apple Watch to appear. You know this mini movie from Despicable Me where the minion keeps typing and reaching for the banana? That’s gonna be me.


Affiliate links used for the clothing items, link to phone not requested by Three as part of the review

These Boots Were Made…

…well, for me.


I’m sure that most posts about the Duo Boots event will include in there that this wasn’t really a brand I had heard too much about before, but it’s true, I hadn’t really looked at their offerings before. Honestly, I have no idea why I hadn’t looked, because I went to an event at the Bath store last month and wanted pretty much everything.



I was invited along to meet the shoes…I mean the brand…at a blogger event where happily, it seemed like half of the regular #blogclub babes were in attendance! Laura and I hopped on a train to Bath after work, and went with SJ for a pre-event drink in Milsom Place before heading to the Bath store. Duo is actually a local company, starting 40 years ago in Bath, and are now based in Frome. The Bath store fitting room means people can go and get measured correctly to get a perfect pair for them, and we were treated to the full experience.


We were all given a tag with our blog logos on, and when we found the boots of our dreams, we could pin our name on to join the boot tribes of ankle boots, knee highs and over knees. I was tempted by the Flore boots, but the Fader boots won me over with a chunky sole and classic style – I’ve been looking for a pair of knee highs for a while, but I’m so incredibly fussy that I could never find the right pair for me.




At the end of the evening, the boots were totted up and the ankle boots had it with 60% of the attendees choosing a pair. 33% of us went for the knee highs, and 7% braved the over knee style.

Thank you so much Duo! My new boots are perfect for the sudden cold spell and are excellent for stomping about in the fallen leaves!



In standard acronym terms, KISS stands for keep it simple, stupid. In terms of this bag however, KIS stands for keep it safe.


I was late night browsing Kickstarter (I totally pledged for this awesome water balloon Kickstarter) and spotted this on the Bristol page. I wouldn’t normally share Kickstarters (mostly because everyone already knows about the good ones before I get there) but I thought this was a really clever design and quite reasonably priced. Check out the video to see what all the fuss is about.

They currently have early bird bags available for £13 – if you’d like to find out more, head over to the Kickstarter page. I’ve gone for the pink swallows design, but the fox is pretty cute too! This would be such a useful bag for festivals – the design seems really obvious when you see it in the video, but I’ve never seen anything like it.

Disclaimer: I haven’t received anything, not even a press release, to blog about this – but I want the Kickstarter to succeed so I can buy a pretty cool bag!