An Outfit and a Ramble

Blue striped shirt - Who What Wear at Target, Black Leggings - ASOS, Silver Sparkly Boots - New Look via ASOS : Fashion Blog Outfit Post

I feel like I’m supposed to apologise for these photos. It’s been far too long since I did an outfit post (not counting the best outfit post ever, the last time I posted one was April 2016), and in that time, it seems like people have shifted from taking a photo against a plain wall to having a full blown photoshoot. But…I don’t feel comfortable doing that. Not yet, at least. I still, even after all these years, feel awkward about everything to do with outfit posts – how to pose, where to pose, what to do with my face..this is probably most of the reasons why I prefer to do this at home alone.

I picked up this shirt on a random Target trip, it was reduced for some reason down to about $8 and it’s so comfortable! These boots are from New Look via ASOS and make me smile every time I look at them. Just because it’s autumn doesn’t mean you have to wear all black (not that it’s a bad thing!) Look at them though!

Close up of silver sparkly boots from New Look : Fashion Blog Outfit Post

Hooray! It’s Cold!

Well, coldish. Being from the UK, I am used to two weeks of sun and too much heat, and then the rest of the summer is a cold wet mess. The Seattle area has enjoyed a long hot summer this year, which literally everyone we have met has told us how lucky we have been, but when you’re used to the rubbish summers in the UK, and have bought some new jumpers to prepare for it in July, it’s kiiiiinda annoying to be stuck wearing dresses and sandals. (I know. Shut up Hayley.)

Jumper | Jeans | Shoes | Gym Bag

I’ve rounded up some jumpers that I’m considering adding to my wardrobe…although as you can see in the picture above, I’ve already bought the New Look jumper pretty much half the bloggers I know have, and a grey Oasis jumper that I’m looking forward to layering over collared shirts.

Boux Beau

One of the things that SJ warned me about when moving was that it’s really hard to buy pants. She was right! It’s oddly difficult to find matching sets of bras and pants here (at least in the shops I went to) and I was starting to panic a bit that I would have to *gasp* wear non matching sets. This was a real concern, especially since Jess seems to like chomping on bras.

I idly browsed over to Boux Avenue* and found that not only could I order from my favourite brand to the US, but that they do free delivery over $50, and they deal with any customs and fees. I’ve been a fan of Boux Avenue since way before they opened up in Bristol 5 years ago

I picked up the Amber Blossom bra* (with matching giant pants) which was in the sale for £15 for both, the Aleena bra and pants set* for £19.50 (the pants were free!) and the Chloe bra and shorts set* for £28.50. In total, I spent £63, which if you’re over a DD cup, you’ll know that it is fairly easy to spend about that much on just one set!

Getting three sets of bra and pants for the cost of one set was pretty awesome, but when I placed the order at 11pm Wednesday my time, I really didn’t expect to have the gift wrapped box in my hands (well, on the doorstep) by 1pm Friday. I recommended them when I was in the UK, but now I really recommend…what’s more than recommend? Super recommend?… them now as an US based expat!