It’s OK To Be Basic

“Are you even a real blogger if you…”

No. Shut up.

It feels like in the past month or so, there have been a ton of these ~*relatable*~ tweets getting retweeted a ton. “Are you a real blogger if you don’t have a photoshoot at a pumpkin patch?” “Are you a real blogger if you don’t have a marble background for your flat lays” “Are you a real blogger if you don’t actually blog?” The answer to only one of those is no.

I mean, I get it. The thing about blogging in the past few years is that while people say that they want to see original content, the things that get the most likes and views and whatever YouTube does these days is content that follows the current trends. That’s not a bad thing! It’s just proven that people like it. It doesn’t make you a bad blogger for following a trend, it doesn’t make you a bad blogger for not following a trend.

Back in the olden days of blogging, no one cared if they were doing the same thing as other bloggers, because they just did it however they wanted to. I feel like this is one of the big things that makes people say that blogging in 2009-2011 was nicer is that people didn’t really care what everyone else was doing, and so didn’t snark on it publicly under the pretence of “keeping it real”. Don’t get me wrong, I can be snarky, but what I try not to do is shit on what other people actually enjoy. Just let people do what they want, and I bet your timeline would be much happier for it. (And if there are people doing things that anger you in some way? Unfollow them, idiot. It’s OK to curate your timeline to the things you enjoy!)

So go and take a photo of your red cup (which btw I really love the design of this year. Isn’t it pretty?) this winter. I hope you had a tasty drink in it – I can recommend the snickerdoodle hot cocoa and my forever favourite, the peppermint mocha. Just do what makes you happy, and it will come across in your writing.

Two Months In

So we’ve been here 2 months now, and it’s been pretty good so far! The weather has been disgustingly nice – today is the first time I’ve even seen rain here (it’s rained a few times since we’ve been here but overnight).

Our container showed up last week, so I’ve been spending the past week sorting through stuff. It’s so nice to have our stuff – I have my desk back! Being without it for 2 months and being somewhere where a lot of stuff won’t work (We have a box or two of UK plugs and cables which I was keeping just in case) means I can be a lot more brutal ditching a lot of it.

Nitro mint latte. If you're looking to cut your caffeine intake, don't move to Seattle.

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Seattle is famous for being the home of Starbucks, but there are so many other coffee places around here…this was a nitro mint latte which was so good! The discovery of nitro cold brew has meant my caffeine consumption has increased far too much…ah well.

Also I finally got my driving licence (I never felt the need before – everything in Chester was within a 20 minute cycle ride, Aberystwyth is about a mile wide, and there was no way I wanted to drive in Bristol!) so hopefully things can get back to normal and I can find a gym again!

A good idea for a Friday

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A Fortnight In

My back garden. No, seriously. There are hummingbirds that visit!

So we’ve been here a fortnight and I think we’re starting to feel a bit more settled. It really helped having the puppers here so soon to make it feel like home. Last week wasn’t great, because Alex had to go to California and Colorado for the week, but thankfully he came home on Thursday so we have been able to get some stuff done. We have signed up to go climbing together, took the intro course on Monday and went climbing today – my arms are aching now! 

Over the past fortnight, there have been some things that I have thought a lot, and I thought I’d share those thoughts with you…because this is my blog and that’s the sort of thing I used to do here. 

What time is it? One of the most difficult things, especially when I was on my own last week, was figuring out the time differences. I never had much of a problem in the past when Alex was working away, and when I worked for an US company 5 years ago, it wasn’t uncommon for me to have three clocks on my desktop – UK time, Alex time and the time zone my boss was in. However, working out that the UK is 8 hours ahead is an ongoing one – as I’m going to bed, some of you are just getting up, and by 4pm my time, Twitter pretty much goes silent. I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty lonely then. 

YAY SHOPPING. Boo shopping. I was so excited when I saw there was a Target a mile from the house. Finally I could get the Nate Berkus office things I wanted (still considering the gold stapler tbh) without an insane postage and customs cost! The joy was short lived however when I read a blog post showing off a pretty dress from Primark, and I realised that my nearest Primark is 3784km away in Pennsylvania. (C’mon Primark, get to the West Coast already)

Food shopping is a mission. Some of you may have seen my Instagram Stories series when I went to the supermarket for the first time (I’m not counting the sleep deprived trip we made when we landed because I couldn’t even figure out what shampoo to buy and nearly cried in the middle of Safeway) Going to the supermarket is a total delight and a total mission at the moment, because there are so many new things to us (why are there so many flavours of Goldfish crackers? Why is cheese so bloody expensive? Why is there a thunderstorm over the veg with misting sprays?) and also we’re trying to figure out what we know. Did you know there doesn’t appear to be such a thing as double cream here? For some reason, that really annoys Alex. 

Pedestrians are unwelcome. OK, maybe not unwelcome – I mean, there are at least pavements between here and the shops. But there are only pavements on one side of the road, and the pedestrian crossings basically change colour as soon as you step out into the road and LOOK ITS JUST VERY SCARY WHEN PEOPLE ARE APPARENTLY NOT THAT GREAT AT DRIVING OK.

Everyone is just too friendly. I know, that’s a thing. People here are more willing to talk to you in the shops, giving compliments, asking information, checking if you’re OK. It’s very nice, but I’m British and I can’t help wondering if they’re all taking the piss. That one might take a while to get used to.

It’s too warm, but that’s OK. Since we landed, every day has been at least 20C, and most days have been averaging 27C+. In the UK, I would be more whiny than usual about this, but over here, it’s actually not too bad, because everyone loves air conditioning. We have even bought a window unit for the bedroom, and it is beautiful. 

I know I sound like I’m whining, but it’s actually really fun learning new things but also totally exhausting. I’m also missing the #blogclub girls a lot, not just because they had their first event without me last week, but because I’m feeling a bit uninspired lately, and miss having other bloggers around to inspire me!