L’Osteria Bristol

Tiramisu and fizz – perfect! @losteria_uk #losteriabristol

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Someone said to me that I was the best PR for Bristol because it always looks so cool. I think that just means that I am always posting about food that I enjoy eating. Not a bad thing, really. Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening of L’Osteria’s first UK branch, located in Quakers Friars. I took Sarah with me, and we headed down the red carpet to the most fun opening party ever! When the restaurant has its own song, you know it’s going to be a crazy good party.

There were lots of trays of canapes being handed out – these were delicious and enormous! There were also lots of trays of cocktails and prosecco going around – I had a few Aperol Spritz’s which always remind me of my final year of uni. Later on in the evening, we were offered pizza, pasta and little puddings which were all excellent. I would never normally order pasta at a restaurant, but the different bowls of pasta going around the room were so good!

The kitchen is open plan to the restaurant so we were able to watch the kitchen staff making the delicious huge pizzas from scratch (and see them dancing about to the band that were playing all night!). There’s a private dining room upstairs as well, which could be really good for a #blogclub dinner perhaps. I’m looking forward to going back soon for a good catch up with my favourite ladies!

Hello pizza ??? @losteria_uk

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(Oh, and this? This is just a giant cheese wheel that they were serving pieces of next to a prosciutto slicer. Cheese and meat…such an excellent combination!)

The Sunday Project

A rarity – I did something at the weekend, I took my camera out, and I’m blogging about it. I don’t want to scare you guys off, but I’m blogging about it on the same day it happened (barely, but it still counts).

I popped into town today to meet up with Sarah and her husband, and after a little nose around an antiques fair at the Forge where they had their wedding, then we headed to the inaugural Sunday Project at Hart’s Bakery.



We headed down about half 12ish, so it looks like we missed most of the food – the weather was so good so it had been super popular already! There were still some interesting little stalls, I took a few pics of some of the stalls, but it was so busy, I couldn’t get pics of them all!


These cards were made by de Winton Paper Co, who are based near Exeter. The cards were so beautiful!


Lily Violet May can usually be found outside the entrance to Temple Meads


Loof Terrariums were there as well, with cute little terrariums with succulents in. We also checked out the STRANGE stall, who have beautiful homeware, and had a cider from the Birch stall.

For more details about the next one, you should follow @sundayprojectbr on Twitter

Swooning over Swoon

Oh Swoon. One of the more dangerous openings in Bristol this year has been Swoon Gelato, a gelato shop on College Green who make all their own gelatos and sorbets in house. It’s literally the most delicious sweet place in town. It’s the new #puddinglunch place. It’s where we go after we eat dinner somewhere (because lets face it, most places pudding menus just aren’t as good as this) It’s just GOOD. My favourite is probably the Bacio (hazelnut and chocolate), but I also really loved the lemon and basil sorbet from my last visit. Here are some of the Instagrams I’ve made from my various trips to Swoon, just incase you were thinking of not going. Seriously. Go. Go now.

… then we popped to @swoon_gelato for a sweet treat and followed it up with a cocktail at Red Light.

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Accidentally a @swoon_gelato. (Thats how it works @waiyeehong, right?)

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A @swoon_gelato in Queens Square. Of course. (Digestive and Chocolate/Hazelnut, amazing)

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