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O Tannenbaum

Hello! So, another week or so and I forgot to update while on “holiday”. Oops. I hope you all had a great Christmas break. We pretty much missed all of the fun, having landed at Heathrow at half 6 in the morning after a dreadful flight from New York with American Airlines (like I needed […]

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Why I’m In New York

Obviously with the news that various flights were getting cancelled, we were quite worried that our flight would be amongst them. On Sunday, we took a late check out (figuring that if the flight was cancelled, we could stay in San Francisco an extra night before heading back to Palo Alto so Alex could work) […]

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Fairytale of New York

When we were planning the trip to California, I thought “great! I’ll be able to blog every day because I have nothing that has to be done” Well that failed didn’t it? Between shopping, watching daytime TV and going out to dinner with the boyfriends colleagues, I somehow lost track of time and all of […]

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