Clothing at Tesco – Too Much Choice!

I was reading the weekly Money Saving Expert email (brilliant for finding out about discounts, etc) and noticed that Tesco had finally gotten their Clubcard stuff online (they may have before, I don’t know). They have a section in “Your Account” where you can see all vouchers ever issued and any unspent ones. Before I moved in with Alex, I hadn’t changed the address on my Clubcard and so hadn’t seen any vouchers in a year or so (I wasn’t getting much anyway, but now we do a LOT of shopping at tesco) I found that I had £15 of unspent vouchers. Score! Even better, Tesco are doing their exchange thing where they double the value. So, I’ve got £30 to spend on a site I knew about but hadn’t really spent much time on.

Here’s a few of the outfits I’ve created – each top/bottom combination comes to about £30, and none of the dresses are over £16 – so I could get 2!


The “Kate” dress (£16) 2in1 Jumper Dress (£18 £9) F&F Dress (£14)

top skirt

Vintage Ruffle Blouse (£16) Check Skirt (£18)

jumper shorts

Knitted Jumper (£14 £10.50) Check Shorts (£16)

jumper pegleg

Oversized Pointelle Jumper (£18 £9) Jacquard Peg Leg Trousers (£16)

The only problem now is that I have too much choice!

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7 Responses to Clothing at Tesco – Too Much Choice!

  1. Amy says:

    I love the Kate dress – after Miss Middleton so soon?! I really love the vintage ruffled blouse too, though!

  2. The Girl says:

    I always have a pop in to look at the Tesco clothing now whenever I’m in town. I got a pencil skirt from there for work a bit ago for £10 and I’m more than a little in love with it. Word of warning though, on the top row the dress on the far right with the stripes and then the black skirt? I tried that on the other day and it looked kinda cheap. In my opinion if I’m paying £14 it shouldn’t look like it cost less than a tenner. Or maybe I was just having a bad day and the lighting in the changing rooms was bad.

  3. daisychain says:

    I really want the Kate dress, but Mum stole my vouchers :( Haha, LAME. I wish I still had my staff discount, we often got 20% off clothing.

  4. Harriet says:

    I love the first jumper, and the vintage ruffle blouse! Tesco really are doing some great things at the moment – the dress I’m wearing currently is from them!

  5. Danni says:

    :o OM those peg leg trousers are screaming your name Hayley. They’re gorgeous!! I’m impressed with it all 2bf, Tesco is certainly going up in the style books!


  6. Sarah says:

    THAT DRESS IS NOTHING LIKE KATE MIDDLETON’S DRESS!! Ah it really annoys me, it’s all over the mags as a ‘lookalike’. Make the sleeves longer, and then we’ll talk. (Also, then it’ll be a sell out, because flattering long-sleeved dresses are hard to find).

    I like the vintage ruffle blouse and checked skirt. Not too sure on the shorts…