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Review: Kick Ass

So after the fiasco (Isn’t that such a good word?) of the mixed up dates, I eventually saw Kick Ass. Unfortunatly Alex was finishing off packing to move to his new house (much closer to Bristol, only 10 mins on the direct bus from my house. Marv.) so I took along an old colleague, Nick, […]

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3D, shmee dee

It seems that everywhere you look these days, everything is in 3D. Well, duh, of course. What I mean by that is, from movies to tv’s, games consoles to magazines, 3D is the technology du jour. Magazines? That doesn’t seem right? This weeks issue of Grazia is a first apparently, where AR (augmented reality) codes […]

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Loser Kid

There are a few things that I’ve not quite gotten round to telling the boyfriend yet. I know all the dance routine to “Could It Be Magic” by Take That When I was a teenager, I used to want to be Buffy. Like, style wise. I could do without the staking vampires thing, thank you […]

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