Monthly Archives: September 2008

Whats Been Going On

Since I have been lacking lately in the postings around here, I thought I would write about the past week. I’m sure those of you with the RSS feed are surprised to see three posts in three days from me! And you’re not the only one! Last Saturday, I went up to Cotham on my […]

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We Went To The Zoo Zoo Zoo…

“…how about you you you, you could have come too too too, we went to the zoo zoo zoo” We left the story of my birthday weekend of AWESOME at me finally falling into bed at 4am (which is not a time I am familiar with anymore, either waking up for work, or getting from […]

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The Joy of Getting Old

I realise that my birthday was almost 2 weeks ago now, but its been busy here. Actually it hasn’t, but I keep forgetting to write on my blog. Also WordPress was playing up and not uploading pictures. Lets see if its fixed: Hey, look at that! That is a picture of (clockwise from top) Helen, […]

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